🎁24 Days Until Christmas and I already Have a gift for you ! 🎁

Omg this year flew by like crazy, I can’t believe we are already in December !!!!

To make you enjoy every step of the way until the end f year celebrations, I have created a Yogic Advent Calendar just for you !

At the end of the year, it is usually the period of self-inquiry about how the year went, what did you make happen, and how you want next year to go. To help you through that and to guide you into manifesting your dreams ASAP, I have focused that Advent Calendar around Chakra work.

Working on your chakras and doing some self-healing is key to help you know yourself better, get over your traumas and get confident and ready to get to the next chapter of your life.

In that sense, everyday until Christmas, I will share with you some wisdom about the different chakras, you’ll have some mantras, journaling prompts, knowledge, affirmations and yoga flows – all for you to enjoy.

If you are ready for this daily dose of self care and self healing click on the link below:

Also a few surprises/ gift might come long the way, so if you are into that too, check my IG @charlies.odyssey !

Can’t wait to share all this with you and have your feedbacks !

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