Yogi C’s Vision

As a yoga lover and world wanderer, I am always looking to bring bright and positive energies into my life.

My goal is to live a healthy life yes but mainly a HAPPY one !

It is all about balance, no need to push privation to the breaking point !

More about Me

Charlie doing lotus pose in front of Sydney's Opera

My Story

I have been travelling for the past 5 years, I went to Australia, Thailand and Canada but I also went from Client advisor for luxury brands in Paris to farm hands in the deep Australian bush to Office Manager in the heart of Vancouver.

Quite the change of situation, you could say !

“I already know discovering the world is the best school of life you could ever have but I always struggled a bit with my mental health being easily lost between the sadness and nostalgia of the past and the anxiety of the future.”

Is that something you feel too ?

Charlie Home Yoga Practice

Realign with your Essence

Obviously COVID hasn’t make it any better… 

Pushing us to be confined, lonely with almost no social interactions or outside activities.

That’s why it is important to recentre ourselves, rediscover our deepest desires and develop this relationship with our own soul so we can finally accept with more positivity the vagaries of life and manage to grow, evolve through it with our own grace and authenticity.

Charlie in meditating position in front of the sea

The Truth of Life

Besides, with social media and this constant promotion of happiness and amazing lifestyle it is important to remember the truth of life.

It is hard and messy but by reconnecting with our guts, we can learn to increase our strength to take it in and to let go of what doesn’t serve us.
Unfortunately, not everyone has the tools to do that all alone and having a guide giving tips can be precious.
This website will help you to get those tips and will make you refocus on your core values and instincts to finally reach your frequency and the reality you always wanted for yourself..

Why Yogi – C ?


This is how it came to life

Yogi (noun)

C (Diminutive)


Get the meaning behind the sound



Are you…

🌸 Easily Feeling Blue ?
🌸 Having trouble taking a step back ?
🌸 Getting impacted by everything happening around you ?
🌸 Avoiding to spend time with yourself ?
🌸 Making yourself busy to avoid reality ?
🌸 Having trouble reading your body langage ?

This is for you !

It will help…

🌸 Refocus on Yourself
🌸 Getting to know yourself better
🌸 Evolve to your higher self
🌸 Be aware of what movement feels good to your body
🌸 Awake to what feels good to your spirit
🌸 Work on your concentration to listen to your body

Just feel good 🌟

How it works

🌸 Book you private session
🌸 Bring Wellness and Mindfulness to your workplace
🌸 Access courses on different thematics
🌸 Join special events
🌸 Find us on the website or App
🌸 Contact me !

Easy Peasy ✌️

Private Classes

You’ll be able to get privates wether virtually or physically – depending to where I am located. You’l will have a tailored made flow answering your every needs.

Beginner to Intermediate Level

Contact me for more details

Special Events

Transmit your intentions during moon ceremony to manifest thief that you want.
Open your mind to spirituality initiation.
Share your opinion in debates.
Show up for yourself, open your mind and join the Yogi-C community.

Discover what’s next here

Corporate Workshop

Offer Wellness Activities to your staff and Management to improve everyone proficiency and reach or overcome every objectives you set.

Chair Yoga
For every level
For every outfits

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I will also give you travel tips, an inspirational book club, my favorite recipes, self-care tips and everything that could help you nurture yourself and get through life with a brighter

Read more here

– Coming Soon

I have learned to love life with all of its unexpected and beautiful moments and Yoga is what has helped me through it.
You’ll have access to courses with different themes to get to know yourself and realign with the rhythm of nature.

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My Favorites

Follow my shopping list to inspire yourself. Wether it is activewear, yoga gear or any items that interests you, you’ll find it here !

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And if you need anything else or want to share something

Don’t hesitate to contact me !

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