Live consciously to reconnect with yourself,
feel fulfilled and access to happiness.

My key Mantra: « Be LHIM »

Libre, Heureux, Ici et Maintenant

Liberty & Happiness In this Moment

My goal is to guide you through…
Getting in touch with your awareness
Appreciate your body
Free yourself to raise your frequency to the reality you are looking for

Be aware, Breathe & Blossom.

The 3 C’s Rule




Instead of …




My Method

kindness income yogi c


My main goal is that all of my students feel comfortable coming into my classes.

Movement Icône yogi c


Flow with me to reconnect to your energies and gain in strength, flexibility and mobility.

Dive in the practice and explore the magic of your own body.


It is important to acknowledge where we are at and embrace, appreciate it.

We don’t all have the same flexibility, strengths, or talent.

Positivity icon yogi c


This one pairs up with acceptance.

It is ok to get frustrated sometimes because of our limitations and don’t make it to where we wanted to. That’s when we need to take some distance.

Observe the process you’ve already been through and keep showing up for yourself.

Repetition is key to refinement.