Episode 10 : Visualisation To Manifest Your Dreams

Manifesting your dream life

Hello Sunshines and welcome to Episode 10 of The Yogi C Podcast,

Today, I’ve decided to dive in some manifestation techniques,

In Episode 3, I was introducing Manifestation and giving you an outlook on the different tools you can use to manifest and among those tools, I introduced Visualisation.

Here, I am sharing with you a little visualisation exercise so you get an idea of what it is, it can inspire you for future visualisations and hopefully this will give you and your dreams some clarity on what it is that you want and what is the next step towards it.

So get comfy and let’s get started !

Here take a comfortable seat and close your eyes,

Bring your awareness onto your breathing and tune in for a minute getting into the present moment.

Imagine a ray of light in front of you, quite big, shinny, warm. Imagine that ray of light is a passage and when you walk in, you get into your dream life.

Walk slowly towards that ray of light.

When you stand in front of it, bring to your awareness what is you dream life you want to access to, when you have the global idea and you are ready take a step into a light.

Now you are within the light, within your dream,

What do you see ?

Focus on every detail. Pay close attention to things like textures, colors, smells, or sounds. Imagine yourself touching things, listening to what you hear, and smelling the things around you. Can you even taste something?

Imagine the perfect day in that dream life.

You can be what you want, you can be where you want, and you can do what you want.

Here are a few question to help you get into more it, take your time at each question to really visualise every detail:

Where are you ? Which country ? Which city ?

Where do you live ? In a house, an apartment, in a hotel, a van ?

How is the place furnished and styled ?

With whom are you living ?

What kind of lifestyle do you have ?

What are your goals ?

Which one have you already achieved ?

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, what time is it ?

See yourself going through your dream morning routine,

What are you doing ? 

What do you have for breakfast ?

How do you eat, are you healthy ? how do you feel ? 

Imagine yourself going through that day,

What do you work on ?

What does your job or business looks like ?

Who do you work with ?

How much money do you make ? How much money do you save ?

And now what about your free time,

How do you spend your free time ?

Who are you surrounded by ?

What are your hobbies ?

The end of the day is coming by,

What are you doing for dinner ?

What is the night program ? Just staying cosy ? Going out ? 

Imagine yourself going into bed, and thinking about your day that just went by,

How do you feel ? 

Now imagine yourself going to sleep in that dream life,

And when you wake up you are standing in front of the ray of light you walked into to access it,

You are walking away from it, feeling grateful and reassured about what you want to achieve.

The universe just opened to you what your reality could be and the truth is that you have the power to make it happen. You just have to bring your attention and action in the direction of creating this reality.

Now think about what are the first 3 steps you can take towards that dream life you just saw ?

Bring your attention back to your breath,

Here we are gonna take a cleansing breath to settle into that feeling of creating your reality,

Inhale deeply, open your mouth and sigh it out

This or something better is now manifesting for me for the highest good of all concerned

If you have a notebook I advise you to write down as many details from that visualisation so you can return to it and remind yourself what you’ve wanted. It is ok to redo this exercise and have those dreams change along the way.

Keeping note will make you realise how you evolve and what gain importance through the process.

Write down your first 3 steps you’ve been thinking about to achieve this dream life, and start a plan to action, determining a timeline of how ling you need to make those 3 steps become reality and ho you are gonna proceed. This exercise planning is gonna allow you to have your template for the future to write step by step what you can do to make things happen, it will help you realise that it is doable and will reduce your anxiety and fear of not accomplishing what you want.

I hope this visualisation helped you got a clearer idea of you dreams and how to step into your power to accomplish it,

Don’t hesitate to share with me what came out if this and what are you first 3 steps, I am so curious to see where it is gonna lead you,

Have a lovely day & talk to you next week xx

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