Episode 11: Why realigning Your Chakra can help with your High Sensitivity

Hello Sunshines,

And welcome to Episode 11 of the Yogi C Podcast,

Today I want to emphasise on the fact that we are much more than physical bodies, we are also energetic bodies. In this way, working on our energy centres – our chakras – allows us to get back into balance and heal. 

I want to talk today about how working on our chakra can help with our high sensitivity.

First, I will do a little chakra presentation

And then we will go through each of them and how they can impact our high sensitivity.

So Chakras are energetic centres situated along the spine and they are 7.

  • Root chakra which rule safety and security
  • Sacral Chakra which rule creativity and sensuality
  • Solar Plexus Chakra which rule self worth and personal power
  • Heart Chakra which rule love
  • Throat Chakra which rule self-expression and communication
  • 3rd Eye Chakra which rule awareness
  • Crown Chakra which rule spirituality

When those chakra are imbalanced it means that the energy doesn’t flow properly through your body. It can be because of some memories, beliefs or experiences that creates blockages.

It is possible to clear those blockages with some inner healing, changing mindset, creating new habits.

Our Chakras have impacts over our physical, emotional and spiritual body that’s why it is very important to have good care of them.

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, connected to the element of earth, it is focused on survival, safety and security.

For highly sensitives, we spend too much time in our heads overthinking and giving too much power to the upper chakras. That’s why it’s important to get back into our bodies and do some grounding rituals to help reduce this overthinking. We also often feel different from everyone else and it can make us feel as if we don’t fit anywhere, reconnecting to your breathing your body through yoga, mindful walking, being barefoot in nature for instance, is key to your healing in this chakra.

The sacral chakra is located below the navel, connected to the element of water, it is the center of joy and playfulness.

Feeling stuck in a routine or being inflexible can be signs that your chakra is imbalanced.

Highly sensitives tend to compare themselves to other and feel like something is wrong with them which can lead them to distrust their feelings. The key action, for Highly Sensitives in the sacral chakra, is to create strong energy boundaries to protect themselves from spending their energy on others and keep some for their own good. Also work on that playfulness, it will help unwind situations and will teach you to be less strict toward yourself.

The solar plexus chakra is represented by the element of fire and is the centre of your personal power, your sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

As highly sensitive, we hear a lot “don’t be so sensitive” or “don’t take it so personally” which can lead to develop a certain shame about our reactions and so, about us. This brings an imbalance in our solar plexus chakra. To heal this chakra give yourself permission to be fully who you are. We will never be liked by everyone anyway, so just be fully yourself and keep the good people around you. Also, take action, this chakra is about taking proper actions for ourselves and for what gives us our inner power.

The heart chakra is right in the centre, connecting the lower chakras to the upper chakras but also representing the the centre of who we are. Connected to the air element, it is about love and connection. 

Highly sensitives tends to put other people first which can impact the energy of this chakra. It can lead you to struggle to establish boundaries, to neglect yourself.

To heal your heart chakra you need to balance your root chakra, solar plexus chakra and throat chakra. 

Also, if you get hurt too many times, your heart chakra can close in an attempt to protect yourself but if it does so, it can also prevent you from feeling peace or joy. To reopen the chakra, you need to practice forgiveness. Forgive yourself, forgive others, it will release some energetic attachment and set you free. Including self-care, practicing self-love through different rituals will also help you balance your heart chakra.

The throat chakra is the centre of expression, communication and expressing our truth and is represented by the element of ether. To heal this chakra, be true to your word. What you say, you do. Take responsibility for your life and your choices. Honour your commitments.

Highly sensitives can tend to overcommit in the optic to be helpful and nice which can unbalance your throat chakra. To heal it, you need to work on the solar plexus chakra and the throat chakra by putting your needs and well being first instead of other’s.

The last two chakras are connected to the spiritual realm. 

The 3rd eye chakra, connected to the element of light, is about intuition and the crown chakra, connected to the element of cosmos, is about consciousness.

As highly sensitives, we usually have a good sense of intuition, as we sense every subtleties in our environment. That’s how our 3rd eye chakra is usually well active.

The crown chakra is about remembering that we are all connected but you also already have this notion as you are always trying to care for everyone around you.

As we know, we spend a lot of time in our head which makes these two chakras overactive ad it can make us ungrounded and disconnected. To balance those chakras, you need to practice grounding exercises like I mentioned I the root chakra section.

All the chakras are interconnected this is why inner inquiry and self-work are necessary to create a balanced and happy life.

The main 3 tips to consider, as highly sensitives, to overall balance our chakras are:

  • Choose to take authority over your life in your decisions and actions. You are not at the mercy of your emotions, you actually hold the power.
  • Use your willpower to bring things into your life. Don’t wait to feel them. For instance you have the willpower to choose peace of mind over incessant negative circle of thoughts. 
  • Use your words wisely and speak to yourself kindly. How you speak and feel about yourself determines whether you feel empowered or weak – keep that in mind.

I hope all of this was helpful and gave your some ideas on how to do some inner healing and feel more confident as a highly sensitive or just as your are.

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Sending you lots of love,

Have a lovely day x

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