Episode 3 : What about Manifesting ?

Manifesting Your Dreams

Hello sunshines, Welcome to Episode 3 of The Yogi C Podcast.

I know I am releasing this a bit late but so many things happened to me lately, I manifested my dream job and I had to move everything in no less than two weeks.

And guess what this is perfect because it is actually today’s topic – Manifesting which is the last pilar of my podcast.

Manifesting became really popular when The Secret got out and with Covid, giving people time to recenter end redefine their dreams and goals, they’ve been looking for a way to make it their reality.

Building this dream life that you want also means re-writing what you think you can do.

Indeed, the world being vibration and frequency, nothing is still. 

In that sense it is important to reroute yourself and your beliefs.

You need to think that you can do something to make it more likely to happen. You need to feel strongly about it and be persistent enough so you engage the right behaviour that will bring the outcome you desire.

So what is Manifestation ?

The idea of Law of Attraction and Manifestation became more public during the 19th century. This pseudoscience is based on the idea that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experience into our lives.

The difference thought between law of attraction and manifestation is that the law of attraction is about attracting what we want when manifesting is about attracting what we are.

Helena Blavatsky – a 19th century spiritual theorist was among the first to polarise the idea that we have an ability to shape our reality by thinking or visualising ourselves in a certain way – cf ref #1 & The Secret Doctrine by Helena Blavatsky.

The theory behind manifesting is aligning our mind frequency by thinking, believing and seeing to change and create the reality you experience within. 

It is a self development practice to live by that will empower you to be the best version of yourself and live the best life you can


Manifesting in the most simple words is bringing a dream to reality.

Basically, manifesting is about wanting something strongly enough that you take the necessary step towards that goal to make it true. – Bak-Maier.

Once you put your attention on something, you become more likely to act on it to get to it.

But be careful, if you have any doubts or limiting beliefs which you focus on then it is more likely that it won’t happen. Let go of control that you put on yourself and trust the journey you are taking.

People open to manifestation believe that the universe create and provides what your focus your thoughts on. So it is key to be intentional in our actions and feelings to root it deeply in our mind and vibration. Basically Manifesting pushed you to believe in yourself to get what you want. In a society today where our self confidence get broken every step of the way the practice pushed you to gain your power back to get to where you want. 

It is not because you struggled in the past doing something that you will never be able to do it in the future. Just go through with it if that really matters to you.

BE PROACTIVE: don’t expect it to happen instantly, it might take times but what a small price to have the most profound impact on your life.

Besides, Benson says we are always creating and manifesting in our own lives but many subconsciously. Manifestation gives us the power to bring this in our consciousness.

It’s really powerful when we become aware enough to say: this is something I’d really like to experience in my life, Benson explains. « Let’s say it’s a job or a relationship or an amount of money or a feeling in your body. Manifestation is really about understanding what it is that you want for your own life experience, and then creating those outcomes.”

Where your focus goes, energy flows

Best Practice 

To manifest, the best practice is to cut a goal that seems stressful & hard to achieve into tiny steps that are more digestible to our believing system.

What tools allows you to manifest ?

First, do an introspection: this will help you figure out what you want, it will help you to remove your limits and blockages to clear all your negative thoughts and energy.

Second, define clear and specific goals – SMART Goals.

Then, use tools to get into action such as vision boards, mantras, meditation, journaling, group support, energy work. 

Visualise what you want to happen, how you feels when it happens, create a vision board and use it as a phone screen or computer you look it regularly to reassess your goals and objectives. – Prompt to guide visualisation : How do you feel? Who is there ? Where are you ? What is happening ?

Then, put it on paper ! Using present tense, write down a full day or week of living that dreams life, what is happening, what you are feeling. This is the most effective manifestation method because it makes the brain focus on the good and sink into a feeling of appreciation which higher your vibration and helps attract abundance.

Take action: once the objectives re clearly stated, break down actions and create a new routine to reach those goals. 

Express Gratitude: be proud and happy, celebrate each small victory along the way and don’t forgot to express gratitude. If you only focus on the result and get frustrated on the way then manifesting will be more complicated, enjoy the journey to get there to a maximum !

This gratitude reinforce the feeling of being on the right path, and help implementing the shifts necessary to get to the results.

Lift Up Your Energy: focus on activities that cultivate a feeling of joy and happiness wether it is doing something for someone, donate, meditate, workout, spend time in nature, treating yourself, doing self care…

Be Flexible & remain receptive :not everything will happen the way you expect it to happen so be open to changes.

Different Methods

369 Method

Write down your goal in a clear sentence for 33 or 45 days :

  • 3 times in the morning
  • 6 times in the afternoo
  • 9 times at night

Power Wish

This method from the Lunalogy Creator Keiko is about using the Moon to communicate to the Universe.

New moon: Express your intention and your dream

Full moon: Express gratefulness.

This method is the one I have been using to manifest my dream life and guess what ?

It worked !


For Success: The Universe always has my back. Everyday I am moving toward my best life.

For Love: I choose love and love chooses me. I live in a universe where I feel loved and supported.

For Money: I am a money magnet. I naturally attract good fortune.

For Happiness: I am joy. I am grateful for everything that I have.

For a Job: I am paid to do what I love. Job offers flow to me effortlessly.

For All: I am Deserving. I am worthy. I am capable of anything I put my mind to.

My Manifestation experience 

My dream was to be my own boss, feel good doing my job and travel the world doing it. A little vague we could say. First, I did a big introspection on what kind of job I wanted to do, I tried different things, I thought I was into like marketing, communication, event.. But in the end I awoke to the pleasure of Yoga. The first accountable step I took was doing my yoga teacher training in Vancouver during Covid. 

Then I wanted to build my business, but I wanted to do it from France, in my home country, where I knew the law and taxes system, so i left everything behind which was not an easy decision to come back home and make it happen. I declared myself as entrepreneur, build my website, took some classes with Yogi Biz Line to establish an offer and strategy.

Afterwards, my dream was to make my yogic experience encounter my luxury experience – as I worked in the luxury industry for 10 years – and work in beautiful hotels around the world. I have been applying for a year struggling to find an opportunity always missing the season starting point until 2 weeks ago, where I landed the dream job of Yoga Teacher in a beautiful resort in La Gomera – Canarias. 

It was rushed I had to leave again everything behind, I was stressed as it was coming so quickly but I knew if i were not taking this opportunity I would regret it and guess what I am there !

So are you ready to manifest your dreams ?

The only thing stopping you from manifesting your dreams is you


So get started ! 

Thanks again for listening to me today,

I am so happy I was able to share all this with you,

Please share with me what are your biggest dreams and goals you want to manifest  ! What could be the first step you could take towards it ?

I can’t wait to read you !!!!







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