Episode 4: How to deal with your triggers as Highly Sensitives

Triggered woman

Hello beautiful souls,

Today I decided to give you your first tips to deal with what could trigger you as highly sensitives.

As highly sensitives, we can be overstimulated by different situations. Whether it is noises, crowded space, overload of information we have triggers that are gonna make us feel overwhelmed.

For instance, one of the most triggering situation is when we are not authentic to ourselves, hiding our emotions, but also being with people who do so. As super empath we pick up their emotions pretty easily, and seeing them being dishonest about it make us wander if we can trust them. 

On the other hand, hanging with people who disregard our emotions and sensations is very hurting. We know how we are but we also expect people to see us as we wear our emotions so obviously on our faces.

Another situation that triggers me particularly but I feel most of us, is when it is time to make a decision. Because we take into account every nuances of a situation, decision making is very draining of our energy. Personally, I take a long time making up my mind, thinking about pros and cons, imagining myself in both situations to see if I feel better in one. But then once I make up my mind, I can’t wait forever to put into practice, are you the same ?

Something that can be also very triggering, is not feeling supported to get out of our comfort zone by our loved ones. Yes we are complex, yes we are paradoxical and so what ? We are adventurous and scared to death at the same time. And I feel we need to be with people who encourages us to take the leap. If they don’t, at some point it feels like we are lacking of support, or we feel people see us as incapable and that is so triggering. We might fight off for a second when they will try to push us but in the end we take it as a sign of affection and attention that they want to see us evolve.

Those are some of the triggers among tones of course, as everything in our environment touches us. Now share with me, what is your biggest trigger ? 

Share this episode in your IG story and tag me and tell me ! I would love to see what is the one even if not stated that really makes you feel uneasy ?

Now that we talked about this, it is time to give you some solution !

First solution is – getting some quiet.

More than anything, highly sensitives need some noise-free zone to reflect, rest and recenter. This allows us to take a step back, analyse how we are feeling deep inside, acknowledge it and take the proper step forwards to feel better. Going for a walk alone if possible in nature – like in a park nearby – is one of the best recharging solution we can do. It brings our mind to a pause and allows us to focus on the beauty of the environment and just disconnect to what just triggered us.

Second solution is – creating a routine.

Having a routine help highly sensitives feel in control, it helps sooth and ease the daily life decision making. It doesn’t have to be an hour routine just 10/15 minutes is enough – I shared my own morning routine on IG : I read for 5 minutes or 10 pages, I move doing some stretches to warm up my body for the day, I meditate – even for only 2 mn to just center myself and start the day with peace and gratefulness, I have a tea or lemon water – a warm drink is so good for your health and it is so comforting. And finally I have a healthy breakfast – first meal of the day is the most important, be careful with not taking too much sugar as it has a big impact on what fuel your body will need throughout the day.

Third solution is – a mindset shift

This is probably the most efficient but the most difficult solution. 

We have to remember that we don’t have power on our environment and what happens to us, the only thing in our control is how we answer to it. In that sense it is important to take responsibility for how we are feeling, for our emotional growth and healing, To grow here, introspection, journaling, inner child work are the answers.

To help cope with your triggers, the most effective thing I do is breathing exercise. So here I will share two breathing exercise you can implement when you get overwhelmed by your triggers.

3 Part Breathing

First way is focusing on your inhaling – you inhale into your belly, then into your lungs then to top of capacity and then you exhale slowly.

Second way is focusing on your exhale, inhaling deeply then you exhale your lungs first, after your belly and then fully. 

Third way is to mix both inhaling into your belly, your lungs to your top of capacity and healing your lungs first, belly second and to your bottom.

Do this 3 to 5 times before coming back to your normal breathe.

You can also place one hand on your heart and one on your belly to accompany the body oven and really feel what is happening inside of you.

Bee Breathe

This one is to do when you manage to get alone because you can a little noise.

It is a meditative breathe.

Here you will inhale deeply and mmhm exhaling like a bee.

Inhale – mmmmhhh

Inhale – mmmmhhh

Inhale – mmmmhhh

This allows to stop the circle of thoughts and make you come back to your center, in peace.

Do it as much as you need and then come back to your normal breathe, with awareness and then let go.

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