Episode 5: How to lift up your energy to manifest better

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Hello guys and welcome to Episode 5 of The Yogi C Podcast !

In this episode we are gonna discuss how to lift up your energy to manifest better.

We all have dreams and goals in mind that we would like to have come true. But sometimes, between the dream and the reality, there is this gap that overwhelms us. Between the new year resolutions and the everyday to do list, it might start to feel more like an obligation to have goals than an intention. 

To come to fruition, you need focus, energy and commitment.

There is this saying:

Energy flows where focus or attention goes

In this sense we need to align our energy toward this intention, we need to maintain focus, and take coherent actions towards it.

This might feel scary as we can feel that the whole weight of it becoming true is upon our shoulder, but it is ok to take our time, to take some breaks, to rely on others for help wether it is books or people, it is ok to ask for support.

There is two most important things to do to lift up your energy and manifest better.

Work On Your Mindset

First you need to clear some space in your head.

Dismantle all the blocks and disbeliefs that you have.

You have to remember that the energy you show is the energy you will get. If you are in a negative vibe it is paradoxical to ask for a positive answer.

With that in mind, it is ok sometime to be submerge and have a shift into negativity but when it happens that’s when you have to do a quick work figuring out what make you shift, what power do you have over it and then force yourself to shift back into neutral or positive energy so you don’t feel doomed for the rest of the day.

For instance if you get overwhelmed thinking “I am having such a hard time, this situation feels impossible to me” try to reframe your circle of thoughts with “It is ok to face some challenges in this situation but I have to capacities to face it and come through. I know I am adaptable and can face those changes even though they feel uncomfortable“.

Cultivate The Feeling

Wether it is a new job opportunity, a new trip somewhere, meeting new people try to think about what feeling and emotions it will bring within your body.

It might be empowerment, freedom, balance…

You need to cultivate this feeling and ask for what you need to feel like that.

You can make a list of moments that makes you feel the researched sensation and lean on those experiences to determine your next moves.

As you raise your vibration, you will call in people, opportunities and blessings that match that frequency.

Then trust the process, however the time it might take just trust it is working in your favour and be grateful for every step of the way.

Whenever you face a situation that doesn’t feel a 100% aligned with what you are looking for, learn to say no, learn to please yourself first before pleasing others.

meditation rituals

Here is a little meditation to realign your energy into manifesting:

Sit comfortably or lay down. 

Close your eyes if it feels like a safe place for you.

Connect with your breath, breathing slowly and gently for a few minutes.

Then start envisioning a big bright ray of light that represent your guides on the path of manifesting your dreams.

Once you envision it go towards that ray of light.

Once your are in front of it, ask clearly and with no shame for what you truly want.

This will allow you to clearly state your intention and it will allow the Universe to start delivering it to you. Then list all the feelings and emotions you are ready to harness wether it is love, joy, excitement, ease.. 

If you ever disconnect from this visualisation because of some thoughts coming in, it is ok. Welcome the thought and then let it go and bring your focus back on your ray of light and your request. From here, the process as already started, you already have shifted your energy & now you can surrender and let things come to you. Affirm trust and love towards yourself that you will be able to get there. Feel your heart space getting filled with gratefulness and appreciation. Welcome this feeling fully.

When you are ready to come out of this meditation take a cleansing breathe to settle and anchor all of this in.

Inhale deeply and sigh it out. 


  • Clear Your Head Space
  • Dismantle your blocks and disbelief
  • Work on your mindset and shift it into positivity: pay attention to the energy you are sharing + change your tone of thoughts
  • Cultivate the feeling you wanna feel once you reach your dream/ goal: Gratitude work
  • Visualise yourself manifesting your dream
  • Trust the process: give it time
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Believe in yourself
  • Let go of what doesn’t serve you
  • Be flexible
  • Take coherent actions towards your goal: even the smallest step towards it can bring you far
  • Trust and love yourself throughout this process: practice self love
  • Be authentic

I hope this episode brought you clarity on the first steps to take towards your dreams. And I hope this little meditation will be a go to whenever you feel disconnected to your goals. 

Please share with me any step of the way on the path of you manifesting your dreams. I am so excited to see how it unfolds for you.

If you have any questions or want to connect contact me through IG @charlies.odyssey.

Have a lovely day and talk to you you next week x

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