Episode 6: How to quiet an intense circle of thoughts ?

Sometimes in stressful situations like uncertainty, sadness or anger, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by our circle of thoughts which can become so intrusive that it is hard to make it stop. The problem with the repetitive loop of thoughts is that it alters your focus, can have a negative impact on your sleep and behaviour.

As today our mind is being consistently aroused with information and pressure, finding some peace and quiet is the golden key everybody is looking for to finally take a break and enjoy some calm & serenity.

In this episode I will give you some tips to get over incessant circle of thoughts.

1. Understand the problem & Put it on paper

Do an introspection figuring:

  • Why this is so triggering to you ?
  • What power do you have over it ? 

Then, put everything down on paper !

Journaling about your thoughts helps you state your truth on a blank page and once everything is written down and you are drained from it all, it will be easier to move on to something else without holding a grudge.

2. Realise you have the power to change your circle of thoughts & Change your focus

Sometimes, we feel as if the mind takes over power on us but never forget that you have the power. The power to think about something else, the power to make yourself busy to change your thoughts, the power to meditate or exercise to break the pattern.

Do something that makes you feel good wether it is a selfceare routine, call a friend or family, clean your house space – this help cleaning your mental space, watch a movie, go outside take a walk. Whatever you want that can make you feel good and bring your focus onto something else.

3. Prepare Action Plan

If you have power on any of those thoughts triggers and you can take action to feel better prepare a plan to action to figure out what steps you can take to deal with it.

4. Work on Self-Esteem and Self Love

No one can love you as much as yourself, working on your self love and self esteem will allow you to be kinder and understanding towards yourself and will actually bring you peace and more ease to move on onto something else.

5. Exercise

Exercising is scientifically proven to impact positively cognitive-emotional processes such as mood, rumination, attention and social interactions, and physiological states of tiredness and physical strengths among inpatients with mental disorders.

6. Meditate  & Breathe-work

This is the golden ticket to surpass your overload of thoughts

Take a break even just one to two minutes and use it to seat in quiet and bring your awareness to your breathe. If any thoughts come by don’t fight it, welcome it and then let it go and focus back on your breathe. This is the quickest and most effective way to detach from your thoughts and just being in an observant state.

7. Use your creativity

In those moment of overwhelming brain activity get into creative mode, whether it is drawing, painting, doing crochet do a creative activity that is kind of a mindfulness moment where you are fully dedicated to what your do and it allows you to play with your imagination. Those creative moments are such feel good moment it will increase your happiness hormones.


  • Understand the problem & Put it on paper
  • Realise you have the power to change your circle of thoughts & Change Your Focus
  • Prepare an Action Plan
  • Work on Self-Esteem and Self Love
  • Exercise
  • Meditate  & Breathe-work
  • Use your creativity

What is your favorite thing to break you overthinking ?

Please share with me in the comment or on IG and tag me @charlies.odyssey so I share to my community too !

Have a lovely day & talk to you next week xx

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