Episode 8 : Visualisation for Self Confidence

Hello Sunshines,

Welcome to Episode 8 of The Yogi C Podcast,

Last week we were talking about how to increase your self confidence, so this week, I have decided to remain on the self confidence subject and gift you a meditation visualisation to help you raise your vibration and give you a lil boost.

Visualisation is one of the most powerful tool of manifestation, because being able to see the reality you want to create, increase the possibility of feeling it and manifesting it. And as we all deserve to feel confident about ourselves as each and every soul on this planet is unique and authentic, I felt this could be a great idea for you to have in your toolbox.

Visualisation can be pertinent for boosting self confidence, dealing with your anxiety, overcome fears, increasing productivity, have a successful relationship with your partner, improve your carrier aspirations and  even more…

Some studies show that visualisation also help reducing anxiety as you visualise different scenario it makes you less scared of any possible outcomes and you actually go into it with more confidence.

Indeed, the more precise you get into your visualisation like imagining sounds, smells or feelings, then whenever you get in this or similar situation in the future, you will actually come into it more relaxed. Visualisation has a real impact on your performance.

To make the visualisation the most effective possible while you listen and visualise try to focus on your 5 senses and what you feel during this exercise.

Let’s get started.

Come to a comfortable seat, having you back upright.

Bring your awareness to your breathe and do a few round of deep breathe, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

Now if it feels safe for your close your eyes or come to a soft gaze.

Here start seeing yourself seating in a movie theatre, on the screen is the movie of your life. You are here watching it. Like in any movie, there are some happy moments, funny ones, sad ones, some challenges you have to face and overcome to go to the next chapter of your life.

When suddenly, you as the main character face a challenge a challenge that make you scared of the unknown, makes you anxious. What is that challenge ? It could be public speaking, a job interview, chasing your soulmates across the world, quite everything and change life, traveling alone… 

Whatever comes to you here.

Once you are there, imagine the strongest version on yourself now, your attitude, the expression on your face. See you handling the situations with ease, kindness, patience, what would that be for you ? Imagine what you would say, the sound of your voice. Just sink into that feeling of being strong and confident. 

If start having any self doubt at any point just go back to that strong self you’ve just visualised, use it as an anchor point to go back to whenever you drift away.

Get your self back in your challenging situation and visualise yourself handling it the way you want to. If you ever have any doubt or uneasiness coming up don’t fight it let it come and let it dissolve through your breathe on its own.

Now, get back to that challenge. What if it worked ? What if you get everything that you want ? What if you land the job ? What if quitting and changing your whole life is actually what will bring you purpose ? What if your soulmate has been impatiently waiting for you, praying to god you will make the move and show her/ him how much you care ? What if this ends up being the thing that will bring your dreams to life ? 

See yourself achieving and succeeding on your goal.  What would you hear ? What would you see ? What would you smell ? What feeling will arise within ? What are the details ? Welcome this feeling and dive into it fully. 

Just lay in this positivity. 

Imagine how you love ones would react, congratulating you, feeling proud of you for going after what you have always wanted.

Just breathe into that feeling. 

This is the feeling you need to cultivate, that will boost your confidence, and manifest what you have been wanting. 

Return to your movie theatre now and see how with those new beliefs and this new mindset your life is more joyful and productive. Congratulate yourself and take a few breathe feeling this gratitude growing within you.

Feel how you feel more in peace with the possible outcome here, how your confidence has grown already. 

Now get out of the visualisation and let your mind go wherever it wants for the next few breathe.

Open your eyes.

If you want to solidify this, don’t hesitate to journal about this experience and what came to you. Putting things down on paper make them anchored within us.

Also remember that if things don’t turn out the way you want or hope, sometimes it only means it wasn’t meant for you. It wasn’t the right time, the right person or the right job.

But this outcome is still positive in the way that you got out of your comfort zone, you were brave, you tried. 

You shouldn’t burden yourself with limiting beliefs, if any arise you can come back to your eyes closed.

Imagine this limiting beliefs and picture them in front of you.

Now imagine them getting smaller and smaller, see them fading out little by little.

Once they are super small and almost transparent just swip them to the side and create space for your strong and confident self you have visualised before once again.

Reming yourself of how you are in this version of yourself and realise that you have the power to choose this version everything time, when facing doubts, challenges or anything.

I hope this little visualisation exercise was helpful to you,

Always remember that your unique and authentic self deserve to be shown to the world even if you won’t match with everybody, just stay true to yourself !

Have a lovely day and talk to you next week xx

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