Let’s meet for a special occasion !  

Those group events will allow a bigger community of like-minded people to get together and connect around a common theme.

Come, check it out and let me know what you think ! 

Yogi – C Events

Partnership Events

You will also find on this page my Yogi-C Retreats so you can join me in a spiritual and physical dreamy experience.

Let’s travel together to beautiful destinations, cut yourself from the routine by practicing yoga, discovering new places, doing amazing activities in the most disconnecting set up.

I promise you’ll feel fulfilled and amazed by what we will go through together. It will allow you to create deep bounds with the people you’ll share this experience with and open your circle.

Don’t be shy ! Come and discover the world with me !

Yogi – C Events

Full Moon Ceremony : Cancer ♋️

Meet me to let go of unstable emotions and manifest a happy life full of love.

Partnership Event

Yoga retreat
Yoga Retreat – TBC

Join me in a dream location where you’ll cross a lot of activities from your bucket list while practicing Yoga to fully relax and enjoy the moment.