full moon

Full Moon Ceremony : Cancer  ♋️

full moon

Next January 17th 2022, meet me to let go of unstable emotions and manifest a happy life full of love.

Full moon are known to be a time of release and gratitude for the intention placed in the previous new moon. Last January 3rd, for the New Moon in Capricorn it was the perfect moment to put in an intention about achieving the exact success you are looking for. Indeed, Capricorn is about getting results.

During the Full Moon, be grateful for the intention you placed before to enhance the manifestation of your dream.

Cancer is the ruling sign for family life. This being one of the main goal of many people’s life it is a key moment in the year to wish about it. This moon will increase the sensation of safety and belonging.

If fortune is all about timing, then happiness is all about the household.

It is because the manifestation of abundance gather around love.

Keiko – The Power Wish

It is time to manifest harmony. Let go of all the worrying and micro-managing, release your hypersensitivity and fear to embrace life to its fullest.

Meet me for a flow around releasing stuck emotions and express gratitude to align your energy to the frequency of the Cancer season.

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