✨ New Year Resolutions ✨

To me, 2022 is the year we have to focus on ourselves. 🌺

We could believe the two previous years were about that but between the stress of the sanitary situation, the difficulties at work and all, it was really not.

So my advice for this year is:

Recentre on yourself, be as « selfish » as you can be in the way that you listen to your instinct and what feels good to you. Stop trying to cater to everyone and feel disappointed in return, just do things for you.

For instance, here is my goals for this year:

  • Finally take some dancing lessons that I’ve been wanting to for so long
  • Go to the ceramic studio
  • Take different yoga classes to deepen my knowledge and practice
  • Try to go for a walk everyday
  • Launch my yoga business and my first retreat
  • Travel through Europe
  • Enjoy my new life in Barcelona and try to know all the best spots to enjoy there and around
  • Make your first Yoga Partnerships to offer amazing projects to my community
  • Make more money than the past year which I spent unemployed most of the time
  • Live, laugh and enjoy every little moments as much as I can

I will keep you posted along the way of what I manage to do or not for sure !

But see ? It doesn’t have to be crazy goals even the simplest as « go for a walk everyday » could be a real benefit for you. 💫

So what will it be ? Want to share with me ?

📩 DM me your goal list @yogi_C_off on IG and let’s keep each other accountable of where we are at on it along the year 😘

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