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The Yogi C Podcast

Hello and Welcome to Episode 0 of The Yogi C Podcast !

The podcast that will give tips and tricks to highly sensitives who struggle with managing their emotions to live with serenity and manifest their dream life.

Do you feel easily overwhelmed by your emotions and anxiety ? Do you tend to have a depressive mindset ? Do you feel like you don’t fit in today’s society ? Have you heard a lot: “you’re too sensitive, stop feeling attacked or affected by everything that is happening ?” 

If yes it means that you are probably just like me, highly sensitive.

I often felt since I was a kid like I am in the wrong place, struggling to fit in and not understanding how people think the way they do or act. These feelings have led me to have a depressive mindset because I would never feel understood, satisfied or fulfilled. It was a real struggle. Throughout time, I discovered that I am highly sensitive and I have another way of thinking and digesting what is happening around me. To make it easy, as a highly sensitive person everything impacts you time 1000 whether it is good or bad.

Maybe you feel connected to what I am saying right now and you were just telling yourself that your sensitivity is too high and you need to get stronger not to feel that much.

Here are the main mistakes we make as highly sensitives:

  • First, in today’s society we are told that our emotions and feelings are a weakness, we are told that we shouldn’t be affected. They are trying to make us feel nothing like machines. But the truth is that we are human beings and that feeling is what makes us alive. Instead of burying this, we should accept it and learn to live with it. 
  • The second main mistake is to try and make your emotions and anxiety quiet and not process it. The problem is the deeper you hide it, the bigger the blow off will be ! Instead of making it quiet, we should welcome the emotions, understand what triggered it and why and once all of this is understood the emotion will pass by, slowly, by itself.

What awoke me to my own consciousness and apprehension of my feelings, emotions and anxiety is yoga. Yoga helped me understand myself better and thus live with more serenity, accepting how I am. 

That’s why I created this podcast. I want to share with you my own experience & the tools I am using. I want to invite special guests that found their own answers to help you live with your high sensitivity with more serenity. 

By the way, let me introduce myself, I am Charlie, I am a 28 yo frenchie. My medicine today is traveling and living in the rituals of yoga. I love anything artistic as I feel I can express my sensitivity in it. I have been playing piano for years I started ukulele not that a long ago, I love painting, dancing, singing, anything where expressing myself in a different form. 

I use to be working in luxury sector for 10 years as I am particularly sensitive to the beauty and details but due to the pressure I changed industry. After that, I started working in marketing, I thought working in communication helping the brands and companies to express themselves would make me fulfilled but the truth is I need a deeper connection. 

When Covid hit the world, I entered a rough depressive period, being stuck away from home – Canada instead of France – in loneliness and trying to figure out what I should do next. That’s when it became clear to me. Yoga was helping me so much to feel better in my own head that I needed to learn more so I could share it. That’s when I did my Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver.

Today as a Yoga Teacher, I am launching a 3 month transformative program where I will be able to guide highly sensitive people on their own yogic odyssey. The promotion will count 10 people only so you feel comfortable enough to share your experiences while having a group big enough to be able to confront different ways of thinking and help each other to grow and transform.

I have always wanted to help and advise people. I have always done it with my close circle but I was looking for a way to make it happen with everyone. And now I can. Today I am jumping out of my comfort zone in a language that is not mine but that I cherish deeply because I want to share it with as many people as I can. There might be some babbles and hiccups but I will share with spontaneity and authenticity. 

So here I will share with you tricks and tips to help you deal with your sensitivity, your emotions, your anxiety so you feel comfortable with yourself. Which means talking about self discovery, self development to inspire you on your journey. I wanna show you lights on how to reconnect with yourself. 

It is of course for people with high sensitivity but also people living and knowing highly sensitive people so you can understand them better. 

If you feel connected to everything I said, I invite you to follow this podcast to get all the updates ! Don’t hesitate to share it if you think that could help someone you know. 

You will discover new episodes once a week on Wednesdays, yeah it’s a date !

Thanks for your time, and see you on the next episode. 

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